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 11 November

08.30   Registration

  Conference opening
10.00   András Dinnyés (Gödöllő, Hungary)
    Patient- specific induced pluripotent stem cells: expectations and realities
10.30   Uher Ferenc (Budapest, Hungary)
    Role of mesenchymal stem cells in orchestrating inflammatory and immune responses
11.00    Sarah Coupland (Liverpool,UK)
    Cancer stem cells
11.30 12.00 Coffee break
12.00 13.45
Selected presentation I.
Topics: Embryonal stem cells, iPS, Hematopoietic stem cells (10+5 minutes)
12:00   Tímea Kőhidi (Budapest, Hungary)
     Effects of optogenetic stimulation on motility of differentiating neural stem cells
12:15   Gergő Kovács (Szeged, Hungary)
    Rybp is requied for the terminal differentation of neural lineages
12:30   Attila Gyula Jady (Budapest, Hungary)
    Metabolic changes during neuron  formation by embryonic neuroectodermal stem cells
12:45   Róbert Rácz (Budapest, Hungary)
    Electrolyte transport processes in pH regulation and biocarbonate secretion of HAT-7 ameloblast progenitor cells
13:00   Kornélia Szebenyi (Budapest, Hungary)
    Improved culture condition of human pluripotent stemcell-derived cardiac progenitors
13:15   János Réthelyi (Budapest, Hungary)
    Investigating de novo mutations in a schizophrenia case-parent trio by parallel somatic cell reprogramming and neuronal differentation
13:30   Nóra Fejszák (Budapest, Hungary)
    Characterization and ontogeny of the bursal stem cells using a novel monoclonal antibody
14.45  Lunch
14.45   Gábor Földes (London, UK)
    Generation of high-fidelity endothelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells
15.15   Gábor Szabó (Budapest, Hungary)
    Stem cell therapy in peripherial arterial diseases
15.45   Gábor Juhász (Szeged, Hungary)
    Stem cell-specific endocytic degradation defects lead to intestinal dysplasia in Drosophila
Selected presentation II.
Topics: Tissue engineering, Molecular regulation (10 minutes)
16:15   Gábor Varga (Budapest, Hungary)
     A new rat bone regeneration model for tissue engineering and stem cell research
16:30   Milada Chudickova (Prague, Czech Republic)
    Novel way of differentation: from MSCs to neuron-like cells
16:45   Orsolya Hegedűs (Budapest, Hungary)
    Tooth-derived stem cell culturing on amino acid based hydrogels
17:00   Anna Földes (Budapest, Hungary)
    Functional two-dimensional monolayer by human  salivary gland progenor cells shown by active electrolyte transport
17:15  18:30 Coffee with experts

12 November

                 Boris Chichkov (Hannover, Germany)
    3D laser printing of biomaterials and living cells
09.30   Mehrdad Raffat (Linköping, Sweden)
    Novel techniques in corneal regeneration and bioscaffold engineering
10.00   Heli Skotman (Tampere,Finland)
    Human pluripotent stem cells as a source for tissue engineering in regeneration. GMP cell therapy process
10.00 10.30 Coffee break
10.30 12.30 Selected presentation III.
Topics: Mesenchymal stem cells, Angiogenesis, Immunology (10+5 minutes)
10:30   Edit Gara (Budapest, Hungary)
    Endothelial derivaties of human pluripotent stem cells show antiplatelent effects in 3D culture-steps towards vascular tissue engineering
10:45   Anikó Görbe (Szeged, Hungary)
    NO mediated cytoprotection against simulated ischemial/reperfusion caused injury in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac myocytes
11:00   Viktória Jeney (Debrecen, Hungary)
    Inhibition of osteogenic differentation of mesenchymal stem cell via the activation of ferritin ferroxidase activity
11:15   Roland Takács (Debrecen, Hungary)
    Therole of  septins in store operated  Ca2+ entry (SOCE) during chondrogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC)
11:30   Kinga Lakatos (Budapest, Hungary)
    Hypoxia induces an increase of diaclyglycerols in human mesenchymal stem cells
11:45   Zita Pöstényi (Budapest, Hungary)
    In vitro investigations of the osteogenic differentiation of canine adipose tissue derived MSCs  labelled with 99mTc-MDP
12:00   Beáta Mészáros ( Debrecen, Hungary)
    Expression of ion channels in chorion-derived mesenchymal stem cells
 12:15   Péter Balogh (Pécs, Hungary)
    Vascular pattering of the mucosal lymphoid tissues-hesitant or principled?
12.30 13.30 Lunch
13:30   Riccardo Pasculli (accela s.r.o.)
    The Novel Solutions for Stem Cells Research
14:00   Mona Stankovic (BioTech Hungary Kft.)
    Get to know all about your cells with Cytation
14.30   Tara Moore (Ulster,UK)
    Genetic modification possibilities in treating corneal diseases
15.00   Cecile Philandrianos (Marseille, France)
    Adipose-derived stem cells in the treatment of scleroderma
15.30   Gunnar Kvalheim (Oslo,Norway)
    Adipose-derived stem cells in tissue repair-clinical experiences from
    Oslo University Hospital
16.00  17:30 Coffee with the experts

13 November

                 Goran Petrovski (Szeged, Hungary)
    Long-term cultivation of corneal stem cells - possible applications from benchside to bedside
09.30   Morten MC Moe (Oslo, Norway)
    Clinical results and in vitro characterization of cornea limbal epithelial stem cells cultured in autologous serum
10.00   Deborah Ferrington (Minneapolis, USA)
    Toward autologous retinal cell replacement therapy for age-related macular degeneration
10.30 11.00 Coffee break
11.00 12.30 Selected presentation IV.
Topics: targets and therapies, technologies (10+5 minutes)
11:00   Veronika Kovács-Haász (Budapest, Hungary)
    In vivo imaging of the ectopic bone formation ofcanine adipose tissue derived mesenchimal stem cells (cAD-MSCs) with SPECT/CT and PET/CT: a step toward to imaging guided therapy
11:15   Adrienn Péntek ( Budapest, Hungary)
    Isolation and biobanking of adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells with Sepax
11:30   Sofija Andjelic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    Human anterior lens epithelial studies with implications for capsular opacification
11:45   Zala Luznik ( Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    Effect of intact amniotic membrane orientation on ex vivo limbal explant culturing
12.00 12.30 Meeting of  the Poster and Oral Communication Evaluation Committee


 Oral Communication Awards and Closing remarks