Poster session

The Hungarian Neuroscience Society invites researchers  to submit abstracts for Poster Presentation
at the 16th annual meeting in Debrecen.

Abstract Topics

+ A Development
+ B Excitability, synaptic transmission, network functions 

+ C Disorders of the nervous system
+ D Sensory and motor systems
+ E Sleep, autonomic and neuroendocrine systems
+ F Cognition and behaviour 

+ G Computational Neuroscience   
+ H Novel Methods and Technology Development 

Please choose the best-fitting abstract topic to ensure a sound and fair review by the most suitable reviewing expert. Abstracts can be submitted from 15 October to 8 December 2018.

Abstract Guidelines
Download the official abstract template here
Abstract title: limited to 15 words in UPPER CASE
Presenting author: Full first and family name(s)
Author and co-authors: Full first and family name(s)
Affiliation details: department, institution / hospital, city
Abstract text: limited to 250 words, Arial 11 
Only one abstract can be uploded per registered participant.

Poster Session Schedule
Please place your poster prior to beginning of the Poster session I or II and remove it at the end of the session (at the latest by 4 pm).  The numbering of the posters may be reached by clicking on the following links:

POSTER SESSION I.   17th January,  12.45-15.45

POSTER SESSION II.   18th January,  12.15-15.15

Poster Session Scedules was updated on 15th January 2018.
The size of the poster board: 200 cm height X 100 width cm (standing format). 

It's recommended to fix the poster with aero tape(cellux) or BLU TACK.