The participants of the conference have the opportunity to participate in a professional workshop this year. On 17th January, during the Poster Session I. (14.30-15.30), Bio-Science Kft. will give you an insight of the latest technologies and you will have the opportunity to test the instruments.
Prior registration is required for the workshops (maximum 10 persons). 
Please confirm your participation via e-mail submitting the registration form below,
by 11th 
January 2019 at the latest. 
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Due to the limited number of free slots applicants will be selected on a first come, first served basis.

We are looking forward to meeting you

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The Organizers

Brief summary of the workshop themes:

How to simply and quantitatively characterize your neuronal cultures?! - Automated High Content Screening microscopy

Automated High Content Screening (HCS) microscopy has been developed approximately 15 years ago to renew, develop, and speed up laborious and time-consuming label-free and fluorescence microscopy. Actually, HCS is the alter ego of flow cytometry developed for adherent cells, tissues and small living organisms (C. elegans, zebrahal). One of the main goals was to quickly aquire high-quality images on large or even a small number of samples under different treatment conditions. Accordingly, multi-well plates, confocal chambers or even multiple slides can be tested either in a cell-incubator environment. In addition, one of the main criterion was that simple, easy and quick image analysis should be integrated into the experimental process. Nowadays, there are plenty of applications ranging from the simplest (cell count, transfection efficiency, cytotoxicity) to extremely complex (neurite outgrowth, cell migration, angiogenesis, vesicle formation).

At the workshop, we will introduce our benchtop and modern ImageXpress Pico instrument of Molecular Devices. We are going to image and analyse fixed samples of neuronal cells and apoptotic HeLa cells.