Preliminary Program

5th MARCH 2020 (Thursday)

13:00- PRE EWIC: Educational  Workshop
Introduction to EpitopeAnalysis: HLA-Matchmaker in FUSION
Extended anti-HLA antibodyanalyses using ExPlex
Jakob Nilsson
Dynamics of anti-HLA antibodies pre-transplant: implications for virtual cross-matching
Jakob Nilsson

17:00-18:00 OPENING (Chairs: Anikó Szilvási, Tony Slavcev, Gottfried Fischer)
Welcome speech
Sándor Nagy 
The Birth of HLA
Frans Claas
Role of donor Specific antibodies in Renal Transplantation
László Wágner

18:00-20:00 Welcome Coctail

6th MARCH 2020 (Friday)

09:00-10:30 STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION (Chairs: Frantisek Mrazek and Gottfried Fischer)

Histocompatibility in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transpalntation from unrelated donors,  
What to Search and wath to Match for
Joannis Mytilineos
Result of  haplotransplantation with TCR alpha/beta depletion in Budapest
Gergely Krivan
Engraftment monitoring after hemotopoietic stem cell transplantation
Marco Adreani
Challenges for the HLA laboratory- Haploidentical Transplantation
Gottfried Fischer

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:10 SOLID ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION (Chairs: Renata Zunec, Anikó Szilvási)
The Eurotransplant Acceptable Mismatch Program in the evolving field of histocompatibility
Marissa van der Linden van Oevelen
Organ Donation and Transplantation Program Coordination in Hungary and in the Eurotransplant Area
Sándor Mihály
Flow cytometry crossmatch and HLA incompatible transplantation-a single center experience
Antonij Slavcev

12:10-12:20 Break

12:20-13:50 Lunch Symposium

13:50-14:00 Break
14:00-15:30 ABSTRACTS I. (Chairs: Irina Pavlova and Maro Adreani)

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 CLINICAL TRANSPLANTATION (Chairs: Andreas Zuckermann, Sabine Wenda and
Jean-Luc Taupin)

Andreas Zuckermann
István Hartyánszky
Gabriella Muraközi
The Role of HLA Laboratory in post-TX Monitoring
Jean-Luc Taupin
19:00-22:00 Conference Dinner  in Rozmaring Restaurant , sponsored by 

7th MARCH 2020 (Saturday)

08:45-10:30 POPULATION GENETICS & DISEASE (Chairs: Martin Petrek and Zorana Grubic)
Kidney Paired Donation in UK
Frank JMF Dor
HLA-Disease Association Testing in the Era of Next-Generation Sequencing
Eszter Lázár-Molnár
Are HLA rare alleles truly rare, or just waiting to be reported?
The importance of HLA population data submission
Zorana Grubic
Blanka Vidan-Jeras
HLA genotype shapes driven leukemogenesis
Milena Ivanova

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 ABSTRACTS II. (Chairs: Katarzyna Bogunia-Kubik and Milena Vrana)

12:30-13:30 Lunch 

13:30-15:00 EFI AFFAIRS 
Milena Ivanova

Results of external proficiency testing „DETECTION OF HLA ALLELES ASSOCIATED WITH DISEASES“  in 2019
Milena Vrana

15:00-15:10 Closure