After careful consideration of the conditions surrounding the continuing spread of the COVID-19 epidemic throughout Europe and the uncertainty of possible further restrictions on travel and gatherings at the venue of the conference, the Committee has had to take the difficult decision of postponing the Conference to May 2021.

Certainly the already paid registration fees and further expenses will be refunded.


We look forward to welcoming you to another engaging Conference next May!


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 50th Membrane transport conference it is my great pleasure to invite you to join us for a fruitful meeting, which will not only be a place of scientific lectures and poster presentations, but also an opportunity for extensive discussions. This year we are celebrating the 50th Membrane transport conference with the first one having been organized in 1972. Almost half a century of this conference series has bequeathed upon us a lot of experience, tradition and an enthusiasm for scientific discoveries. If something is (almost) half a century old, it must have remarkable properties, which make it worthy of survival. Otherwise, the process of natural selection would have made this conference sink into oblivion. Although this conference series does not have a strictly defined topic, it still created a subspecies of scientists, which we may call Homo Sümegiensis. These researchers share the passion of science, the willingness and openness to get acquainted with new ideas outside the scope of their narrower interest. This feature is nowadays called interdisciplinarity, but this notion has been around in this conference series even before the term came into widespread use. While we are building on this valuable tradition, we are also trying to improve certain aspects of the conference to make it worthy of preservation for at least another 50 years. These changes include the gradual internationalization of the event, whose official language will be English from this year. The topic of this year’s meeting is membrane biology and biophysics with an interdisciplinary approach. The tradition of introducing an advanced technique to the audience is kept alive, and single cell manipulation will be the discussed in a topical section. While engaging in fruitful scientific discussions, participants of the meeting can also enjoy the warm hospitality of our host, which together will hopefully leave a lasting impact in their memories to make them come back next year as well.


On behalf of the organizing committee

Peter Nagy

Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology

Faculty of Medicine

University of Debrecen